Subject (optional):    2005-03-08 16:41:30 ET
fuck her!

thank you so much...

 let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwwwwwwwwww!    2005-02-28 19:05:44 ET
so yeah, its snowin,deep,kinda. i like it. i hope i dont have school tommorow,that would be kick ass....

went 2 my friend ambers house, watched a few movies, snowed like hell...tha roads r kinda bad....hope it ICES OVER!! Muhahahah!

im about 2 go 2 bed..loves u guys and dolls! bye.

 and the chicken said what?    2005-02-21 18:19:01 ET
so there is this new show on cartoon network, robot chicken....its sooooooooooo damn *watch it on sunday at like 11:30ish*but umm yeah, my back hurts, i think im gonna go 2 bed...idk yet.cartoon network is friggin great..oh right...!
im out boys and girls.....loves ya

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