Josh    2003-12-18 12:40:34 ET
This can't be love, it wouldn't feel so good.
Makes me so happy that I shake.
Why do I want him so?
I want to be his friend
But I know it won't stop there
I just don't understand

So I saw JOSH. Josh...Sometimes when I think of him I can't sleep. I have dreams about him. The thing is I have had any sex dreams about him in a while. But I dream about him alot and I think that might mean something. He makes mme happy and I don't know why. I hope I looked *HOT* today becuase I was standing next to jessica and I want him to want me. I feel bad for wanting to look better than my freind. I know I am not in love with him but there is a part of me that loves him. I would like to be in love one day. Do you think that he will e-mail me? Do you hope so?

in other news,Poor Eric.

I tried to call Allen.

 I have decided    2003-11-21 21:05:03 ET
If I have a subculture it is the one of the multiracial child. The one that looks black, acts white, dresses hispanic, and can get offened by things such as chink ,jap, and fucking asians their such whores that ruin.

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