21/12    2003-08-09 06:05:58 ET
It seems lately that no one cares about music. I haven't been talking to anyone that is uderly in love with music as I am, and that fills me with sorrow. Most of the ppl round here listen to top 20 and thats fine,the sad part they don't even care to know if there is other music out there. Most even get angry if you ask them to try listen to a different type. I don't really understand how or why someone could/would limit theirselves in such a way. Besides if you start to limit youself there, where do you end up? I mean I'd try different styles or watch other t.v. shows becuase I know that just becuase I try something out of my norm it doesn't change who I am, and hey, I might even like it or mabey it is just becuase I love music,but to me it seems...not right.

 Hey hey    2003-08-08 22:53:02 ET
So yeah. Stuff is just so udderly overwelming. I can't even go into detail, becuase there is no way that it will come out in a way that is understandable. Oh,well. So school starts soon , thank goodness! Kinda.There are good things for my though like Philip. He's not really for me, but thats ok.

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