SOoo,what have you been up to?    2003-06-17 16:23:32 ET
Well, I have been finding out that I am too black to hangout with white ppl. Too white too hang out with black ppl. There are hardly any asians here. Hipanics tend to speak spanish, and the only person who liked me the way I am is going to collage, and has probley already left the state a month ago.

Other than I am good.

Have a good time! me.

 Well    2003-05-10 17:15:57 ET

I always take pictures of people sleeping durring track. They always turn out good. Only Antwon(?) thought I was triing to take a picture of him, But I only take good pictures. You know ones that are interresting. But it seems that people think I want pictures of him. Well Yeah I did take a picture of barry tieing his shoes together. But only becuase it was cute,not that I was going to take the time to explain this to them oh well let them think what they want.

If havn't ever kissed anyone and I have never had a boyfriend wouldn't that be a good reason not to flach someone?

Besides I think I sould keep that side of me down(no undie displays in months).

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