what's that under my bed?
2003-02-05 21:35:48 ET

me and my 8 year old brother, 4 am:

-itay:"huh? what are you doing here in my bed?"
-daniel:(crawling under the blanket)"i came to sleep with you."
++ two minuete silence ++

-itay:"say, dani, how come you never sleep alone? are you afraid of the dark or sumthin?"
-daniel:"nope. i just like it when other people worm up the bed for me. as far as i concern you can leave now."
-itay:"i'll kick your ass tomorrow."

that little creep. :)

2003-02-05 22:49:25 ET

how cute

2003-02-05 23:08:38 ET

LOL...I used to use my ex as a bed warmer. Would always send him to bed first so that after I had brushed my teeth and stuff the bed would be all warm. Plus it fun to attack warm and cozy people with cold feet :)

2003-02-05 23:43:41 ET

yeah and it sure as hell beats those electronic sheets..which aren't nearly as much fun and end up burning your entire posessions (happened to a friend of mine actually)

2003-02-06 00:22:21 ET

hey my eyebrows got burned once.

(i just love mentioning it)

2003-02-06 01:14:43 ET

I burned the kitchen once...:)

2003-02-06 04:50:22 ET

Awww, that's precious...AND funny!

2003-02-09 03:33:48 ET

Ehehe! It's fun when other people use you as a winter investment!

2003-02-09 03:38:42 ET

not when they kick your balls in their sleep.

and refuse to shower out of principle.

my lil' bro is quite a character.

2003-02-09 08:30:46 ET

He licks your balls in his sleep? He's going to make some man very happy someday...

2003-02-09 09:26:02 ET


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