2003-09-21 17:28:35 ET

I just figured out why my last post had no comments. Its not HERE! Hmm, maybe I closed the window by mistake before I clicked "Update Journal" Stay tuned readers!

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2003-09-11 18:10:57 ET

Perhaps you'd feel a bit differently if you lived in New York City and if 9/11/2001 was your first day of college. I'm thankful that I was able to find my way home from the city during that day and I'm glad my dad got home from work in downtown nyc.

Something like this might happen again anywhere in the country and it shouldn't, especially in America. The domestic tranquility promised to us from the constitution was compromised on that day, let it not happen again nor lest we forget september 11th 2001. I am thankful I didn't loose anyone close to me that day but I do know people who did. I'm real sorry if none of this seems outstandingly out of the ordinary to you. You may argue that this is how the rest of the world feels about their situation. Well, I'm a US citizen therefore my interests remain in America.

Sorry if I sound a bit outspoken but this is how I feel and I must get this off my chest before I say something insanly stupid. One of the biggest tragedies in the United States happened on 9/11/2001. I'm not trying to be overly dramatic, I don't really have to try. I saw some firemen on the ferry today and it made me think.

Yeah, well....
2003-09-05 08:49:38 ET

...I've been meaning to update for awhile now. School started tuesday and its been a hell of a time. My CS professor looks like one the guys from The Moody Blues. There will be more but I am in "lab" and waiting for the windbag to end the introductory lecture so I can get on with my fucking (pardon me french) life! It'll be grand to see some of you at the 2600 meet tonight!

We are Kultured!
2003-09-01 12:58:24 ET

Heres the first promo picture of the new hit sitcom called:
    Kultured With Mad Chix

Airing in New York City the next time we all meet.

Well, its my turn to write an entry.
2003-08-31 21:57:13 ET

The NYC SK meet was a blast! It was extremely tremendous meeting all of you! Theres too much to say in my exhausted state. I can go from beginning to end but I'll just say it was a blast!

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