2003-08-25 11:54:43 ET

School starts on sept 2nd. During the summer I've had some unsure thoughts on whether or not I would be in school during the fall. It was pretty difficult finding a ninche (that makes money) during the summer. Now that I found that ninche, I'm almost ready to totally close up shop.

Going back to school seemed difficult at first. My GPA isn't really in good standing and I would have no scholarship this semester. I had plans during the summer to retake a test or two. One of these retakes was allowed to me by luck. If I retook this test, I would have a chance at keeping my scholarship. I have had between july and december to retake this test but I needed a break. At the last minute, the concerned test isn't being offered because the summer session for this course, for this last 3 week part of the summer, has been cancelled. I was told that I would have to retake this test during the semester. I might just forfeit the retake and just take the course over (linear algebra, math).

I also have plans to make cash during the semester. On friday, I appeared at an interview at the waldon bookstore in the staten island mall. They need people to man kiosk around the mall during daily shifts. The hours aren't flexible so thats not gonna go anywhere. I may instead take my little computer troubleshoot/repair business "TO THE M4X" and have it work weekends for a pretty hefty price per visit.

Well, I'm gonna splurge on a hefty loan for the semester. All I have to do is get my GPA up-up-up by the end of the semester and I'll get my scholarship back. I pretty excited of whats to come. I'm also more sure of myself. During the last semester, I was becoming more and more sick of the place. I can easily get around that problem, as long as I keep focus on the goal at hand which is the degree. All I can say is, this has been a break well spent.

Tomorrow, I visit my last customer of the summer. She shall have a new barebones system to work with.

Being X... treme.
2003-08-18 07:48:38 ET

I'm just taking this moment to tell everyone that I'm so Xtreme! ...not to mistaken with extreme, thats an understatment.

What a day.
2003-08-13 23:02:35 ET

For the last couple of days, I've been working with my new client to get her scanner working on a crap-paq presario. Cidny is a very nice lady and its great to know her. The scanner has yet to work but I did get her machine to run normally by replacing the mouse. Well, work seemed to be the least of it today. It was meeting my client's boyfriend that made my day. Jeff is an older man who remembers the days of fast cars and good old rock and roll.

After meeting him at Cidny's place, I met him again at this bar called "The Rodeo" (Near the chinese place where the h4x0rs eat after the nyc2600 meet.)

I only went to this bar to follow Cidny before she had to goto her 7:30 class. I ended up sharing a Margarita with her and then she left... left me with her boyfriend Jeff and his younger pal Marty and two Margaritas for which I am very greatful for the compliments of Jeff. Both are very great guys and it was pleasure to have drinks with them.

"The Rodeo" is supposed to be some rockabilly scene but the clientele seem to be a bunch of young yuppie bitches as opposed to the straight-up rock and rollers I would expect to see of a 1950's based establishment. The bartenders earlier in the evening seemed like some lovely ladies.

After a bunch of hours, I decided it was time to leave. I couldn't say goodbye and my thanks to Jeff since he was dozed off on the couch upstairs. What I was looking foward to and satisfied with was walking home with the great feeling of drunkedness. I was feeling so "good", I decided that I would indulge myself by talking to MAD CHIX! ...well, not that many.

I did talk to this one fine female on the ferry. I stalked her as we were both getting on. After splitting off for awhile, I decided to look for her and made my move by saying "Hey there, awesome skirt!" She had this long dotted skirt that seemed to bring out her beauty quite fantastically. She exclaimed with a lovly smile "Oh, thank you!" We got into some pretty decent conversation too.

Her name is Stacy and shes a social worker who only seems a bit elder to myself. She listens to Hip-Hop and R&B and likes to goto plays. It turns out that she was just coming back from seeing "Say Goodnight Gracie" (Story about George Burns.)

After I told her what I did for the day/evening, she had to wonder if I was drunk. I only said "I'm ok! I'm good! =) " She even noticed my metallica shirt but she doesn't really understand the world of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. I told her how I get crazy at those types of shows. She seemed to wonder about my "wild side" and asked if I do drugs. She probably smelled the alcohol coming off my breath and the way I carried the conversation would falter at the mention of "That George Burns thing!" since I forgot the name of the play at that moment which makes me seem more like a dumb ass(DRUNK!) Well, I couldn't get her phone number since she was claimed to be taken. I did give her my card just in case she needs a??? come on!!! say it!!! "HOME - COMPUTER - CONSULTANT" ...and I gave her your card too! (You know who you are).

Riding the bus with other headbangers with headphones, I got home by 11:30.

2003-08-09 12:47:03 ET

Thats how much the fine came down too. I paid it! Anything more than that I would've begged for them to waive the fine.

# Overdue = 0 # Lost = 0 Amt Due = $0.00
1 Hold cancelled Flatland : 04 AUG 01

2 Hold cancelled The warrior queens / 22 OCT 02

3 Hold cancelled The warrior queens / 22 OCT 02

4 Hold cancelled The warrior queens / 14 NOV 02

5 ** RESOLVED ** Slaughterhouse-five : 30 NOV 02
6 ** RESOLVED ** Does America need a foreign p 30 NOV 02

7 ** RESOLVED ** Netizens : 30 NOV 02

8 ** RESOLVED ** Breakfast of champions. 30 NOV 02

9 ** RESOLVED ** Contact / 30 NOV 02

10 ** RESOLVED ** The great betrayal : 30 NOV 02

11 Hold cancelled Heisenberg's war : 03 JAN 03

12 Hold cancelled The diamond age / 14 MAY 03

13 ** RESOLVED ** Assembly language step-by-ste 19 JUN 03

14 ** RESOLVED ** Snow crash / 17 MAY 03

...and thats the end of the story.

2003-08-09 09:59:28 ET

Its pouring out! The good news is, the weather suits the all black attire I may wear for my evening at batcave.

In other news, my plans are to drop off really past due library literature and meet a customer in the city. Yesterday, I was even given a letter that told me that I would have to pay 50 bux to replace the book. Well, thank god I have it, god knows how much the fine comes too after over two months. The sad thing is that I actually worry about this. Nothings a greater privilege than one's own library card (not your mom's or dad's cause you have to pay lots of cash to pay off your own.)

...well, it stop pouring.
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