2003-07-13 10:20:43 ET

Yesterday, I went to Justin's BBQ/Block Party. It was quite nice! Mad chix son! Geido chix! ...didn't lay a hand on any of 'em.

Mad drinx too! Randy and Matt seemed rather reserved about touching the alcohol. To bad I didn't get a chance to try the magic watermelon.

Justin's family are really normal people, I was very delighted to meet them. His parents remind me very much of my parents. I found it strange that they all wore the same BROOKLYN t-shirts. Like, how about some Staten Island t-shirts!? huh?! Honestly, I wouldn't even ask, Staten Island is the asshole of NYC.

Perhaps more to come of this post, plus pictures from last week's tetesuro-Que!

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Hey maam, check out this model! It really sucks!
2003-07-08 13:10:38 ET

CountMech: hey, I went to this job interview today.
Venadium23: how did it go?
CountMech: From the ad in the advance, I didn't know what it was or where it was until I showed up today. They were asking for general help. I called yesterday and they told me to drop in full dress today between 12 and 3pm. Its on Victory Blvd off Richmond Ave.
Venadium23: what is the place?
CountMech: It turns out to be some merchantile company and they want me to sell vacumm cleaners. UNPAID training would start tomorrow at 9am and continue till friday.
Venadium23: hahaha
CountMech: exactly
CountMech: The other end of the coin we have atleast a $400/week pay + commision.
CountMech: They give me 15 appointments to which I will be driven to by van where I will commencing my demonstrations and offers of the vacumm cleaners.
Venadium23: that job sucks
Venadium23: ahem, bad joke
Venadium23: anyway, i dont think it's worth it. i didnt even know they still had vacuum salesmen
CountMech: 15 appointments a week that is. All the visits would be pre-arranged with the customers. They expect me to sell in 2-3 of the appointments.
CountMech: So, yes, I'm better off spending my unpaid time for the next 3 days winding up my consultation business and/or finding a better job.
CountMech: It turns out the copy center found there fucking computer person.
CountMech: I was actually misinformed by the management of which location was hiring.
CountMech: Supposely, my cousin "Danny boy" did a similer stint of selling vacumms.
CountMech: Yeah, whoever fuck needs a vacumm would goto sears I'd think.
Venadium23: haha really
CountMech: I'm gonna post this convo on SK if you don't mind.
Venadium23: no problem, since it's mostly just me going "hahaha"

Well, time to get to work on that little side business of mine until I find a real job.


Happy fifth!
2003-07-05 17:59:40 ET

The tetesuro-Que went quite well! Bob showed up the earliest with two other guest. It was a real pleasure to meet his girlfreind Ineke who reigns from holland. Georjan was the other of Bob's company, a great enchantment to the party! As soon as they showed up, Bob started to defrost/cook his renowed chili. My dad came back and had the ice and coolers ready for the beer. I didn't get a chance to pop open a Heiny until an hour or two later as I was cooking the tetesuro Burgers (Thanks Bob!). Man, that chili rules! I was able to hold it all in until this morning, FOUR FLUSHES! ...and I still came for more with some chili dogs this morning!

Kevin and Kenny from CTV dropped in as well as Mitch, Felix and Arl dropped in on horseback! Peter, another from Bob's company showed later. Real interesting fellow, let me have his Uncle Sam hat! Everyone seemed to have a real awesome time. I didn't bother to put on the music that was orginally planned. I just stuck to Floyd's division bell and Opeth's Damnation and went on from there. People enjoyed that calm.

I only had a small taste of that JD lemonade Peter bought which is pretty nice stuff! I lost count of the number of beers I consumed after the the 6th ot 7th heiny.

Fireworks: Mitch had the M100, we had the melon, end of story in the backyard for all to watch. The rockets did their thing but thats only so much for only $2.50 or whatever. The M800s 5ux05!!!

The Hanlons showed up later in the evening. It was great to see Liz, Karen and Eileen again. I know Liz and her daughter Eileen from CTV. I didn't really talk to them much. They all sat in the screenroom with parents shooting the breeze.

Meanwhile, me, Arl, Ron, Jacob, friend Stillman watched a couple of DVDs. We saw Bronx Tale and ID4. Bronx Tale never gets sour with me. ID4 is always so bad, its good!

During some elite hax0ring of Arl's. The virus called windows took its toll and automatically attempted to update his machine. It rebooted to a DOS prompt where it supposely updated the BIOS. He can now no longer boot this machine, SUx0R5!

Ron sleeps; last of friends leave; Parents sleep; Arl snores away to Jackie Chan; I sober up with some mountain dew in front of laptop by the stereo. I crashed upon my resting platform at 5am. FUN TIMES!


The Shepherd's prayer... Alan Shepherd.
2003-07-03 21:28:59 ET

Tomorrows' the big tetesuro-Que. Everything seems to be all set. The Potato salad is ready and in the ice-box. Guest have been invited and I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Daravinne, you're welcomed to stop by if you feel like leaving Jen's place but I doubt that.

Everyone seems to be looking foward to seeing Bob and his ladyfriend plus, the CTV (people from my old job at Community Television) crew will make an appearance. Even comrades from polytechnical land will drop by! Matt shall bring the DVDs, Mitch might bring some games and I'll have the beer. I still have to consciously setup a playlist of music. I figured that I would start off with Alice in Chains and Monster Magnet, thats good BBQ music! I spent the last 4 days putting out more resumes and preparing for tomorrow. This party is gonna be CRAZY GO NUTS!

2003-06-28 15:23:40 ET

I was just surfing the triple dubyas when I came upon (the band I saw at lamours last weekend). I found that one of the guitarists has the same last name as me! You may all be wondering whats so special about that. Well, you would understand if your last name was "Maglio"

I present to you Anthony Maglio, one of the best guitarist I have ever seen perform:

Honestly, Ant was pretty amazing! I honestly remember his tight rhythms and melodic solos.

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