An evening at L'amours
2003-06-22 23:28:52 ET

Bob called me. The plan was to stop by his place to work on his wireless/computer equiptment before I went off to lamours. I later found out the show was being pushed to start an hour earlier. Plans with Bob changed and Leo wasn't ready to leave the house. Leo wasn't expected to goto the show with me but he told me before I got into the shower that he might. When I called him back, he said "nah" He really missed a hell of a show too. I went to see Twilight Odyssey.

The first band that played was called "Grimoire" I showed up to meet Matt, Ben, Meesh, and Chris just as this band started. Chris pointed me out these two younger looking attractive girls. I've built a reputation with him for having a taste in young underage highschool girls. Well, It turns out they're friends of the band and they were having people sign their mailing list. Well, thank god I don't read my hotmail cause this band was shit. Well, it was just typical speed (nu?) metal. For one thing, the singer was holding a piece of paper at one point during the set. I can only imagine what he was reading.

The next two bands are a blur to me and I can't say I cared at all for them. The fourth band was called "Mudville Diaries". This blues like trio stood out from the mist of shit I've seen before them. Actually, I thought they sounded alot like "Black Cherry" At one point during their set, they had the guitarist from "Exit to Eternity" play second guitar. This was a perfect mix of metal with the simplistic sound of pure rock and roll. This was Mudville's last show because of their break up. I was later told by the frontman that he would still like to take up another band. I really hope he does cause this sound needs to be heard more. Its really great and genuine. Gotta give the kids something good to listen too.

The next band was "Exit to Eternity" Now, these guys don't suck! They totally stand out in the local scene because of their original yet grassroots sound. They don't sound like hatebreed, in flames or whatever the fuck, they sound like true metal! During this set, the frontman from Mudville came up and joined Exit on vocals to play "Rock'n in the Free World", an amazing Neil Young cover. They really did the song justice.

Now, for the band that everyone came to see, "Twilight Odyssey" This was my third time seeing them and it was once again an amazing show. Theres so much to say that I have to just mention that the last band "Zandelle" was just as amazing. Zandelle supposely has an album out but they weren't selling it in the back with the Twilight Odyssey shirts. I held out on the shirts in hopes that Zandelle had a CD for me to buy but noo....

Well, Thats about it. On one last note, the sound guy needs to die. He is supposely the same sound guy thats been working there for atleast 3 years. I always see him making out with his dirty hoes when he should be fixing up the audio. Some guitar melodies/solos couldn't be heard just because hes busy fucking off on the job. We all agree, hes a bad sound man.

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Rubber chux.
2003-06-19 17:43:18 ET

You know? Pieces of my chux are falling out. Every other day or so, a piece of rubber gets dislodged somewhere in the sneaker and I end up steping on these pieces. I'm not sure what these pieces are until I get home to watch the rubber chips fall out of my show.

Who wants a tub-steak?
2003-06-19 17:28:22 ET

(22:17:24) CountMech: I wanna stick my tube-steak inside your sister.
(22:17:43) Venadium23: haha
(22:17:48) Venadium23: what'ya got for trade?
(22:18:45) CountMech: Some job experience and some education.\

I really wish looking for employment was that simple. I went to only four places today but they're all so out of the way from eachother. I have friends that work at two of those places. I applied at "Hollywood Video" where I applied electronically on some phone with a lcd screen on it. My friend Krissy (who was working today and who I havent seen in awhile) suggested I apply for the new gaming substore since they're opening up and looking for new people. I forgot to mention on the application how much I like and play games. Honestly though, I havent really play many console or major PC games latly.
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Well, I might as well tell you a little story. (my comment on Los Alamos's page)
2003-06-18 19:03:39 ET

Once upon a time when I was seventeen (when you were seventeen), I applied for a job at the local shoprite. When I first walked in on the scene, I was told to... "WAIT IN LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" My mother was doing the weekly food shopping.

The lady interviewed me, asking me questions that were scripted on a piece of paper. That didn't go so well since I answered most of the questions with "I don't know" and "Ummmmmmmm, next one please." After this small interrogation and the filling out of this form, I was offered a chance to take "The Reed SURVEY" either on the spot or tomorrow. She told me it would only take me 30 minutes. I decided until the next day to come back.

I answer these 'survey' questions with all my honesty. I took note that these questions seemed to be meant for ONE HELL OF A SURVEY. After I completed the survey in the employee lounge. I was told that I would have to take a drug test within the next three days. She wished me luck and it seemed I was getting this job pending the drug test (thank god I didn't do drugs AT ALL in those days). To take this drug test, I would have to ask my dad to drive me to other side of Staten Island on a saturday morning. With my thanks, he drove me so that I could piss in this cup for some indian guy. This was all on the same day that I would be attending H2K (

After a couple of weeks, I was sent a letter from the shoprite HQ (the one in New Jersey) thanking me for my interest in "joining the shoprite team" and to inform me that they couldn't hire me cause they had enough people. They would keep my application for 90 days and bleh!

Two years later (over a year ago in may), I applied again and wasn't bothered to take the drug test. No one got back to me even though I knew for a fact they were hiring (from the help wanted sign and from what my mom was telling me of a friend who works there)

So, the moral of the story is FUCK SHOPRITE!!!!!!!!!!! ...well, their groceries are better than that of waldbuams but FUCK SHOPRITE!!!!!!!!!
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2003-06-12 22:25:19 ET

Well, Just like Los Alamos, I'm looking for a jorb. I was supposed to be spending the last week sending tons of resumes but due to circumstances and laziness, nothing much happened. One resume I sent was to SICTV ( I've worked for them almost two years ago as receptionist but now that I have two years education and lotsa unix skills, I put in for the jorb of "LAN specialist". I'm not really sure if they're even looking for anyone to take that job anymore. All I know is that a friend who used to do it moved to florida and I'm gonna follow up on that by monday.

My parents are beginning to give me that rhetheroc they give me every year at this time; "You should apply to more places than that." or "You should've started applying in april." They have a point on the first one but the second is full of shit and frankly, I want them to shut the fuck up (excuse me ma/pa). When one goes to a school like mine, no one thinks of jorb unless they have one... ...or maybe its just me cause it takes me two hours to get there and back.

Well, I'm meeting friends in the city to chill and to buy Opeth tickets with the dwidling amount of money I have. I think I'm running on loan refunds which really isn't a smart idea but this should be it until I find employment. I'll even carry around a copy or hundred of my freaking resume.

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