2003-06-09 11:15:33 ET

My name is Greg and...

I'm a drunk male prostitute soliciting prostitution!

Posted on a couple of nights ago.
2003-06-07 11:40:23 ET

Man, I just got this album (the nu-metallica) off USENET and I'm in the process of listening to it. So far, its sounds like that hardcore/nu-metal that these darn kids listen too these days. Its real shit! It sounds alot like Godsmack, slipknot, and some other nameless shit band rolled up into one. I would've thought Bob Rock (Metallica's producer since the black album) would've had the better taste/balls to say theres something wrong with this album. They should've just stuck with the magic they had on the black album. I can't even imagine why they even bother spending so much on all their amps/guitars cause its all a waste! Even the latest Oz album is something worth money compared to this shit. Well, now that I think of it, it sounds like they're aiming to create a giant maash machine at their shows. I mean, when you have the drummer banging garbage cans and the guitar players going *chop-choppity-chop* over and over again along with the bass, theres nothing to do but beat the shit out of your fellow concert goer for even bothering. Well, I wish metallica all the best on their next album/tour. I certinley give up on them this time around. Even Reload sounds amazing compared to this shit, it really does! I'm gonna go on to listen to that soon. I don't know, maybe they need Jesus or something. In that case, Jesus should just come to them cause this is so lame. Perhaps its about time Cliff comes out of that Witness protection thing and rejoin his mates!

2003-06-03 12:03:15 ET

Well, I got here ( Poly ACM ) by 4:30pm to continue work on "The Project." This Project consist of technical details that I'm too lazy to discuss. All I will say is that theres a partner involved who isn't here today. I won't be needing his expertise since I'm have some trouble booting one of the computers involved.

Other perogotives include an update to my resume. I hope to have my resume sent out for atleast three data entry postions. I hope to keep a job for the summer and perhaps the fall season ( Even by then, I might still need a break from school. )

The polytalk issue ( )
2003-05-29 22:36:49 ET

D00D! tetesuro has be banned from Polytalk. That marks the first time in world history that the san has been banned from an online forum.

A post inspired by livejournal user "leoz"
2003-05-26 22:52:23 ET

Yeah, the concept of self realization is something I'm beginning to understand. Some weeks ago during a long walk to the library, I came to realize via my mind's eye how I may come off to other people. Such as how my personality and appearance is perceived by others. Perhaps this was just a moment of self-absorbed ego taking place.
I believe my own self realization is a great asset in controlling my own destiny. If I was sure of myself as I am of other people, then perhaps there would be no self-imposed limit on what I can do.
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