2003-05-03 12:30:26 ET

(17:16:26) I Ball SoF: today is free comic book day
(17:16:34) CountMech: You kidding?
(17:17:12) I Ball SoF: nope
(17:17:53) CountMech: Like, every comic store in the city is giving all there comics aways for free.
(17:17:54) CountMech: ?
(17:18:56) I Ball SoF: no all of them but some
(17:19:07) CountMech: Which ones
(17:22:21) CountMech: ...and which stores?
(17:22:32) I Ball SoF: all of them
(17:22:41) CountMech: C000l!!!!
(17:25:49) CountMech: this sux, I'm sitting in the middle of the second floor at poly waiting for a friend to get here.
(17:26:17) CountMech: We're gonna get tix to see Maiden, Motorhead and Dio.
(17:27:18) CountMech: Shit, hes' already late!
(17:27:32) CountMech: It closes at six.
(17:28:04) CountMech: Well, atleast my wireless card is pretending to work.

I've been out of Math for over an hour already, WTF?!

Mr. Mojo
2003-05-01 23:52:47 ET

Its a nice fucking evening! ( 4:30am but nice black sky and good air )

You know, L.A Woman by The Doors doesn't mean the same to me as it used to mean two years ago. Its a different song/album to me now. I remember feeling that I was on the edge of life back then. I was so afraid of what I was to go through from that point on. Now, I still have the potential to feel the same way but I don't. Its great to take one day at a time but all the same, its been great realizeing the future I wanted for myself. I feel satisfied with what I have proven and accomplished since my 18th birthday. No possible future frightens me as much as it used too. Pointless drivel you say? Well, I'm just glad to say that things have changed and I feel fine. I just hope this message gets to the Greg of the past but no matter, I've recieved this message after many trials and tribulations.

You know???
2003-04-30 14:49:35 ET

How come preppie-people don't have LJs or SKs. Excuse my stereotyping but I've never seen any online journal post that resembles... "We lost against <pust HS name here>." or "Today, me, vin and ang went drink'n!" or "I went to the mall to buy some GIANT WHITE SNEAKERS and some clothes ( That say aeropostale or whatever the fuck)" ...for the ladies: "I hung out with mike today" or "I <3 my sistas!"
AOL hometown is great when it comes to all that I guess but members there never update.

My brothers' useless!
2003-04-30 13:44:24 ET

I'm trying to convince my brother to stop using KrAp-ZaA (it eats lots a baud on a bad day) but he won't hear it! I offered him an account on a very reliable and massive ftp site that runs on my school's network but he likes the ease of searching through Crap-Za. My other bitch is that hes eating hard drive space with Crap-Za bullshit. I can use that space to back up my stuff ( Probably better off listening to my mp3s ). Heres some points about KrAp-Za.

1) The music found on Crap-ZaA usually comes in singles (not albums) that are of pretty bad quality ( Joint Stereo anyone? )

2) I'm on a shared internet connection with someone using CrAp-Za, this makes my web browsing very sluggish.

3) The music on Crap-ZaA seems to be mis-named. I took a peek into my brother's mp3 folder and I found such hits as:
Pink Floyd - School's Out For Summer
Alice Copper - Leave Those Kids Alone

...and much-much more.

I'm just tired of seeing people using KrApZa! Its dumb and useless and not very reliable. "waiting for more sources" and all that. Theres other ways to get good music/pr0n or whatever.

IRC: http://www.irchelp.org

FTP: Theres a alot of FTPs that are accesible but you should hook with them via IRC.

USENET: quite nice! http://www.usenet.org

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I hate this!
2003-04-28 12:12:54 ET

"Com at satday nine ta too" NO!
"You need to back this all up with thoughts" NO!

This is gay and this 3 line post took hours to write!

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