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2003-04-26 09:09:59 ET

Let me say this with a smile on my face,

I can not accept this increase in math summer tuition if I have to allow myself to accept an increase in the school's yearly tution. How much did they raise it? Its now $24,000, thats a "petty" thousands of dollars difference from the last tuition. That means we all have to take out another "petty" loan. Well, loans aren't "petty" unless you don't need them. Even if the difference is just over $1000, theres no way I can accept paying that extra money without taking advantage of cheap math courses. Well, these are my thoughts at the moment.

The point is,
Raising summer math prices + Raising yearly tuition price = double anal (excuse the analogy but you don't even need to be a math student to see it)

*laser noise*
I got a force field and a flexible plan
I got a date with fate in a black sedan
I play fast forward for as long as I can
But I won't need a bed
I'm a digital man
*laser noise*
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I did it!
2003-04-23 21:22:31 ET

artoo root # Scanning /etc/ethers...
>> 8:0:20:81:3:3c arcadia
Found arcadia...
rarpd[5142]: rarp who-is 8:0:20:81:3:3c tell 8:0:20:81:3:3c answer
launching: tftp
pid 5255: exec /usr/sbin/tcpd
uid: 0 gid: 0
groups: 0
pid 5255, exit status 0
restored tftp, fd 4
BOOTREQUEST from 08:00:20:81:03:3c via eth0
BOOTREPLY for to arcadia (08:00:20:81:03:3c) via eth0

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Damn paper
2003-04-23 13:04:19 ET

Hey, does anyone here know anything about Modest Musoursky and his work "Pictures at an Exhibition"?

2003-04-22 08:14:11 ET

(13:10:31) I Ball SoF: I keep forgetting to tell you
(13:10:34) CountMech: ?
(13:10:41) I Ball SoF: for you birthday getty lee got a restraining order against you.
(13:10:54) I Ball SoF: just kidding.
(13:11:02) I Ball SoF: He wants to keep his glasses.
(13:11:04) CountMech: its Geddy btw, not getty!
(13:11:07) CountMech: lol
(13:11:10) CountMech: haha
(13:11:12) I Ball SoF: That's what I said.
(13:11:17) I Ball SoF: I have a speech impediment.

That means more than half!
2003-04-21 13:15:44 ET

I gotta a 51 on that linear algebra test, A 51! Just what I wanted. The class average was between 40 and 50 and I did better. I was laughing histerically when I saw it. The instructor (Tom) said some students did make 100 but those had to be the dudes that don't goto class cause they're sooo smart. Alot of kids seemed to have done worse. One kid gotta 58. I still have a great chance to do extremely well on the final. I'm gonna kick that finals ass. I gotta, the school is charging full price for the mini-session this summer meaning the whole class would cost me 1200 bux as opposed to the 200 that was originally charged.

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