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2003-05-21 22:58:56 ET

What a day! Met leo at ferry...
-hung at school for an hour

-went to WBAI to watch what happens behind the scenes of "Off The Hook"
-also took some phone calls for people who made pledges to the station.

I'll eleborate tomorrow.

2003-05-15 09:54:16 ET

Well, thats it, I took my last final yesterday ( The Comp Sci Data Structures final ). Everyone (except me) seemed to have gone through it just fine. I even lost some sleep last night just thinking about it, but that just means I did what I needed to do.
Today, I take another small break. Tomorrow, I register for next semester/next week (mini session perhaps). I also have to find out how I did in math. I respectively forfiet that russain music class and all smiles here if I earned atleast a D.

I'm an SI phoneloser!
2003-05-13 22:10:05 ET

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Hi, I'm the san, the tetesuro san and I'm a phoneloser... ...from staten island. This is Staten Island ->

-biege b0x3n at 4am is the shit!
-drinking and biege b0x3n at 4am is the shit!
-drinking, making out with your girlfriend and biege b0x3n at 4am is the shit!

Thats it! Thats how you become a real phoneloser. :O


The San
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Life is good.
2003-05-06 15:44:52 ET

Got Maiden tickets with Matt (after math ofcourse) and went off to celebrate free comic book day.

Heres the deal. Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Ronnie Dio playing a Madison Sqaure Garden on July 30th ( Over two months away ). I'm not really sure when the tix went on sale but by the time me and Matt showed up at Tower Records, only the seats farthest from the stage were availible. Me and him decided it was ok to spend over 40 bucks on tickets that were probably the worst seats in the house. cause it would be worse not to goto this once in a lifetime event. I still regret missing the last show maiden played at MSG. The upcoming show is gonna be so fucking amazing and I'm really looking foward to it!
After that, wendys and Barnes and Nobles ( staring at random magazines and looking for the hipster book. ), we found ourselves at St. Marks comics. There, we were presented with our free comics and then we proceeded to browse around. I found Spawn and Hellspawn. I also asked the fine looking female working there if shes' familier with the work of image comics cause I remember reading a work of theres that was pretty amazing ( years ago, don't even remember the name of the comic but I'll look for it later. ) Had somewhat of a nice conversation too. My plan is to go back to this properitorship and disclose the name of this amazing story and ask for this lady's phone number (GOOD PLAN!). I havent even read my new comics yet...
We also stopped by Virgin records where I picked up "Still Life" from Opeth, a very great album. The Opeth I got for my birthday weeks ago include:
Damnation ( their very mellow experiment, quite the amazment as everything else they do. )

My Arms Your Hearse - Their third album describe by Opeth's front man Mike Akefeldt to be their best work to date and I really can't argue. The album never stops which makes it all seem like one big song. The music sounds a little more grundged up than their first two releases but a creative theme seems to be present. Listening to this work makes me think of Floyd actually cause of how a musical theme is continuous throughout the songs on that album. I was listening to it on my walk to the library on a saturday afternoon and really felt like I was a character playing out the music. I really can't claim that Opeth was aiming to fulfill any particular theme but that effect is nonetheless present. Mind also that all the lyrics havent really sinked into my head as of yet so all this could be brain fart to those who really know what they're talking about.

I'm currently listening to Face Of Melinda from Still Life and its all really growing on me.

Did some work/nothing

2003-05-04 10:21:01 ET

Artist? -> Metallica
Is this name ok (Y/n)? y

Album? -> Black Album
Is this title ok (Y/n)? y

Year? -> 1991

Genre? -> jazz
Is this genre ok (Y/n)?

What do you think?

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