2003-10-29 08:44:40 ET

yodelling a lonely cowboy tune
I mounted my steed
and headed home

Here it comes again
that wanderlust for
life on the lam

For an escape and excitement
surprise and serendipity
openness on the open road

for awhile I want to ride
this misty mountain trail
just to see
where it leads

just to leave
and live a life
afar away
from this rainy,
draining valley

the land of opportunity
ain't showing it to me
or maybe I'm not looking
or maybe I'm not where they are
or maybe I must make my own
or maybe I can't see them
or maybe I'm deluding myself
or maybe if I keep writing, one will show...

maybe it's time
to tie my laces
and saddle the Sable
and hit the Road

up up and away.

2003-10-29 08:41:47 ET

yodelling a lonely
cowboy song
I mounted my steed
and headed home

Take me with you
she said to me
and I think we both knew
it couldn't be
so driving cross
this misty mountain trail
I wrote these words
upon my brain

Someday I will come
to rescue you
someday it'll be allright
for now we'll par our
separate ways
and spend another lonely night

I want to be your hero
to ride off with you
or to swing in and carry
you away
like a real swash-buck-aroo

I want to write you
a poem
that says all the words
you need
and not use my writings
to manipulate or deceive

I want you to give up
and climb in my car
surrendering your sanity
your life as it is so far

When the day comes
and I'm outside your door
I hope you'll know
just what I came here for.

737/Shoe Glue
2003-10-24 17:18:24 ET

Down the street, around the corner,
over the bridge, that dirty water,
College campus, mighty minds
A reactor right behind
Passed the candy factory, Salvation Army, fire station
Through the square, I hate that place Up the stairs
Next the doors, they never work I never let that bother me
I hope some worker's not disgruntled
I hope there's something there for me
An old man reads the paper loudly everyday now for a year
Stamp machines and wanted posters here again,
again I'm here
737 almost everyday
Nice to know that someone hears us
It's good to know somebody's there
Takin the time to say hello
Taking the time to show you care
Write again and thanks again
From the bottom of my heart See you soon and till then
737 is a real big part
737 almost everyday
Shoe glue
What can I do? A man's not well dressed
if his shoes are a mess Rock and Roll
I've got a hole
Right in my sole
Let's rock!
It's fucking my walk
And soaking my sock
Who knew?
It's not stopping my step or stepping my stop
We've got it up and we won't let it drop
Beer here,
Don't wanna see clear
I see a point in wrecking the joint
We're here to quench our thirst a bit
But we won't get the worst of it
Turn it up more than a notch
Like a punch to the face or a kick to the crotch
All night never ending benefiting from a bender
If nothing's worrying you that's the key
'cause nothing's worrying me
And nothing's worrying me

Dicky Barrett

haiku #? (I forgot)
2003-10-23 14:20:16 ET

potato chip bag
still hanging, softly mocking
damn stupid machine
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Relativism is Blacklisted!
2003-10-19 17:36:51 ET

CManley42: so what's in the plans for this week/
CManley42: (sorry I'm having trouble with those question marks)
Angel30134: hehe
Angel30134: np
Angel30134: well i'm going to see Bowling for Columbine tomorrow and partake in a discussion about it. I've never seen it, so it should be interesting
CManley42: yeah, I didn't see either. heard good things though.
Angel30134: tuesday I have a college democrats meeting, wednesday I'm watching a movie about the judicial nomination and how it can effect women's rights like roe v. wade
Angel30134: and I work about everyday at the library for a few hours
CManley42: :-\
Angel30134: sore subject?
CManley42: not really, I just don't agree with Roe v Wade.
Angel30134: to each their own
CManley42: That's another thing I disagree with, but we won't start down that road.
Angel30134: what is?
CManley42: Relativism.
Angel30134: ok
CManley42: yep. soooo.... anyway....
Angel30134: what, you don't agree that each person can have their own individual opinions and views?
CManley42: no, I believe that, but I don't believe that everyone's own individual opinions and views are right for them.
Angel30134: why?
Angel30134: I'm curious, not trying to pick a fight
CManley42: because there have to be ultimate truths.
CManley42: if there's not, there's not purpose to life.
Angel30134: well then wouldn't each person find out these ultimate truths anyway?
Angel30134: mistakes, experience
CManley42: possibly. But relativism states that each person can create their own truth, and their own world view, and that we have no place to say who's right and who's wrong.
Angel30134: each person is their own universe. Each person is going to have their own view, there's no way around it. And who cares what other ppl think about one individual's world view? Whether is it right or wrong doesn't matter. It just is. The only right and wrong one should care about is their own universe.
Angel30134: in my opinion
CManley42: *clears throat*
then the 9/11 hijackers were right to do what they did?
Angel30134: in their minds
CManley42: but you think they were wrong/
Angel30134: they weren't in the name of morality
Angel30134: of course
CManley42: *clears throat again*
there is no morality.
CManley42: because there are no morals
CManley42: because there are no absolutes
CManley42: because everyone holds their own truths.
CManley42: thus, you can't say they were wrong.
Angel30134: I can say that I think they are wrong
CManley42: but what you say makes no difference, so why bother?
Angel30134: it's just expressing my own opinion
Angel30134: ppl do that you know
Angel30134: it's not going to save the world
Angel30134: I know
CManley42: yeah, but see, that's where relativism fails as a philosophy -
philosophies are supposed to give you direction in life. relativism is a lack of direction.
if everyone lives in their own little world, then we (as a people) are never going to get anything done.
Now, the relativist won't care about this, mainly because he believes that there are no truths, thus nothing to strive for. But anyone else would say that's a foolish way to live, because there has to be a meaning to all this, or else why not just shoot yourself now and get it over with?
Angel30134: personally, I see relativism as a way of not judging other views. to each their own...you can think whatever you want, why should I argue
CManley42: *ponders*
I don't think you truly understand, then, because relativism strictly states that you cannot judge another.
and the reason you should argue is...
CManley42: because if everyone sat back and said, "well Hitler killed 6million Jews, but we can't say he was wrong because what good would it do" where would we be?
Angel30134: why attack relativism and pull up stuff like that
Angel30134: ?
Angel30134: who cares
Angel30134: just do your own thing
CManley42: because you have to pull out the big guns to make your point.
and I agree with petty things like what music you like or who you'll date or whether smoking dope is right or wrong, yeah you can probably make your own decision and who am I to judge?
but when it comes to murder (of a born or unborn nature) that's a little different.
Angel30134 signed off at 10:21:21 PM.

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