2003-10-19 16:50:27 ET

and without words
we break down
the wall
of honesty.

2003-10-19 16:48:58 ET

you hide
your soft breasts
from me
and follow
each kiss
with unneeded
I want you
body & soul
Sometimes the lust
is hard to control
the need
for you
is almost too great
but it's damn good
I'm happy to wait.
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2003-10-19 16:46:58 ET

It's raining tonight
I didn't even know
losti my thoughts
I almost missed out
Is it raining where you are?
is that one thing we've got/
it takes just one
to make-believe you're here
instead of in his arms
That it was I
that keeps you warm
safe from the storm
Instead I plan and plot
to make you mine
to make a stand
and prove my love
prove my mettle
and win your heart
win you back
and smack that prick
whoever he is
right down on his ass
It's not you I distrust
It's entirely him
Just give me the chance
and I'll prove
who's your man.

2003-10-19 16:44:32 ET

I like looking at calendars
like I like to look at maps
both put into perspective
where you thought you were
what's ahead what's behind
where you've been and what you've done
and allow you a chance
to plan your path.

Seven Years
2003-10-19 16:43:08 ET

Reflections can be tricky
What you thought was real
is merely an illusion
and what you thought you knew
is questioned by what you see
new questions arise
about who you are and who'll you'll be
Paintings and poems can give you a picture
a memory frozen in time
but a mirror reveals life as it is
and forces us to deal
Forces us to see
what the past has done

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