Six Months
2003-08-23 13:51:02 ET

well the first two months were perpetual bliss.
we talk and fuck and hug and kiss
loved all the same movies
hated all the same bands
hell, I didn't even mind you were a vegetarian.

Well the second two months,
like a broken in shoe
on weekends, I'd know what I'd do
whether I'd go out or I'd stay home
we were always together we were never alone.

Well the Last two months were the worst two months
we tried so hard for what was easy once.
Only things done right -
fuck, fight and cry.
Face the facts -
it's time to say goodbye.

- Adam "the Dork" Brodsky

Jersey Girl
2003-08-16 20:06:25 ET

got no time for the corner boys,
down in the street makin' all that noise,
don't want no whores on eighth avenue,
cause tonight i'm gonna be with you.

cause tonight i'm gonna take that ride,
across the river to the jersey side,
take my baby to the carnival,
and i'll take you on all the rides,
sing sha la la la la la sha la la la.

down the shore everything's alright,
you with your baby on a saturday night,
don't you know that all my dreams come true,
when i'm walkin' down the street with you,
sing sha la la la la la sha la la la.

you know she thrills me with all her charms,
when i'm wrapped up in my baby's arms,
my little angel gives me everything,
i know someday that she'll wear my ring.

so don't bother me cause i got no time,
i'm on my way to see that girl of mine,
nothin' else matters in this whole wide world,
when you're in love with a jersey girl,
sing sha la la la la la la.

and i call your name,
i can't sleep at night,
sha la la la la la la.

- Tom Waits

Los Hombre Solo - A Man Alone (aka A Song For Myself)
2003-08-12 18:58:09 ET

Girl, I think it's over
and I wonder if you're surprised
sure we'll still be friends
and I'll still drop you a line
but I'm sure you believe that far less than I
cause you haven't even bothered to give me the time
in oh so many nights
and it's been oh so many fights
since I've seen that smile in your eyes.

You needed time, you needed space,
but all I needed girl, was to see your face
and you wouldn't even give me that courtesy
All I ever got was the same ol' "We'll see."
and the tired ol' excuses
and the used up ol' lines
but I know you got your problems, girl
cause lord knows I got mine
but recently I dream of other girls every single time.

so let's face it, girl
we've run the race,
I wonder if you're as tired as I,
cause I've traveled far too long
over far too many miles
and, yeah, I'm bitter -
it's one of the rights I have
as a poet and an artist,
or just a lonely man.

So it seems we're finished, girl
I just can't try no more
but if you're ever feeling lonely,
feel free to knock on my door.
cause I'm tired and bitter,
and not long for this world,
but as long as we're both in it,
you'll always be my girl.

2003-08-12 15:56:37 ET

yeah, so this made my day -

driving home on the PA Turnpike, I passed the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Car.

It was just cruising along at 50 on the highway, and I passed, honked, waved my hand and kept on driving, laughing.

it was quite possibly the best thing that's happened to me this week.

(with the exception of all the dreams I've been having about making out with girls I don't know.)
*sigh* so lonely.

One Simple Question
2003-08-10 20:08:41 ET

Why, I said to myself,
with one and a half billion women in the world, more or less,
must I lie here and play night's silly fluted tune unaccompanied?
Especially as I am sure that a goodly portion of that one and a half billion
are unaccompanied and humming the same quick fingered melody.
- Harry Chapin

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