Note to self2006-08-20 04:07:04 ET

Never park a white car under a tree with purple berries on it. Ever. I've just had to clean a *lot* of purple bird shit off my lovely white car.

For fucks sake2006-08-15 11:17:34 ET

So apparently I was acting like a "piece of meat" on Friday. Apparently I "betrayed" a friend with my "actions".

My actions were - I posed for a photo with her fiancee.

Yep, that's it. It was his birthday, he's a mate, I gave him a hug.

How bad am I? Oooh I'm just eeevil.

Fucks sake. Bearing in mind I was "acting like a piece of meat", I was sitting down, usually on my own for the most of the evening. Not doing a lot. She was posing for photos undoing her top and pulling it down in front of the camera. Methinks someone should introduce her to a mirror.

Am gutted I can't talk to her fiancee now though. Cant believe I may lose a good friend cos she's lost her marbles.

Ive been told she was beating him so badly on Friday night the police had to split them up. She's fucking mental.

More car stuff2006-08-14 06:10:00 ET

So that bloke called back today. The one whose car I, apparently, damaged.

Phone call went along the lines of..

him - "Hi, it's the gentleman whose car you damaged."
me - "right, hi"
him - "I think you should come round my house so I can explain a few things to you"
me - "no, I'll just take your insurance details, thanks"
him - "well if you come round my house I can give you my details. I'm just round the corner from you"
me - "no, I can take the details down over the phone."
him - "oh well, I'll call you back in 5 minutes then"

He suprised me by actually calling back.

He gave me his insurance details then said..
"you gave me the registration number of *******, but I went by your house earlier and there were a few cars on your drive. Was that definately the car you were driving?"

Ok.. wtf? You went to nose around my house? I live in a cul-de-sac you can hardly have been just passing! Fucking weirdo.
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Bad luck continues2006-08-13 08:41:22 ET

So I relax last night. Stick my new albums onto my USB drive to listen to in the car (Screaming Banshee Aircrew and All Gone Dead), take my dreads out have a wonderful relaxing bath and try to forget about my dear, darling friends.

This morning I'm still fairly relaxed and almost happy. So I stick the USB drive into the stereo and start driving to work.

I reverse off the drive and head to the end of my road. Stop, curse at the idiots parked on the corners (as always) and turn right and head down the road. Same as I do every morning.

Less than two minutes later a car goes to overtake me (it's a 20mph road with cars parked everywhere and speed bumps all down it) and forces me to pull over. He then tells me I've run into his car. What?! I'd have noticed, surely!

According to the bloke I pulled out of my road at full speed and his car was heading across my road at the time. So I, apparently, went straight out in front and caught the front of his car with the back of mine.

There is, apparently, a dent in his car. Which he, of course, got out and looked at then caught up with me... in less than 2 minutes.

His car = dark maroon, my car = white. My car had no marks on it whatsoever. No dents, no scratches. No scraped on maroon paintwork. Nothing.

Of course it's first thing in the morning and I panic and forget to take his details. I was desperate to get to work and he's going on and on and on.. So I just say "yeah yeah whatever" give him my details and get the hell to work. Where I burst into tears.

The cunt was all "maybe it'd be better for your no claims if we settle it privately, if you just give me the money".

Someone is trying to pull a fast one methinks.

Sick of being stuck in the middle2006-08-12 09:02:25 ET

So it's friend A's 21st next month, and ages ago she invited friend B.

Neither of them like each other, but they are both my friends.

Now friend A has decided she doesn't want B to come to the party, but rather than tell her she's just avoiding her. And guess who gets stuck in the middle of all this? I've now got B asking me when, where and where the invites are. What the fuck do I say to her? If I say "you havent been invited", chances are A will panic and in an attempt to make herself popular decide to invite B after all, so I look like I'm just stirring.

I'm really fucking annoyed cos they both know that I had to deal with all that shit at school and thought I'd be free of it all by the age of 22! But no, they want to act like stupid schoolkids! And I, as always, will get screwed into picking up the pieces of their childish games. Fucks sake.

Edit: I'm in a ranty mood now.

Went to another friends suprise 25th last night and realised that noone out actually gives a fuck about me. I'm not being melodramatic. These are the guys that couldn't be bothered to come see me on my birthday, yet expect me to go all out for theirs. I barely hear from any of them for months, then I get a car and they're all "oooh kat you're my bestest friend.. can you drive me?"

One friend has pretty much forgotten about me now she's got a new bloke, they argued last night so I'm just waiting for the usual "kat I really miss you" text.. oh, look at my timing! There it is now. Shock, suprise.

I'm really finding out who my real friends are now.

...aaand.. (yeah sorry, I did warn you)

Why is it when you tell a bloke "I'm really not after a relationship right now, really want to be single for a bit", do they TOTALLY ignore you and decide it's some kind of fucking mission to "save" you. Like my life should revolve around whether I'm getting laid regularly or not. Grrr.

I had my dear darling ex following me around the pub last night making puppy dog eyes at me and just generally being irritating and creepy. I use the word ex very very lightly. We were together two weeks!! We didn't even sleep together! And he cried when I ended it! Now he wont leave me alone!


Ok, out of the system now. I think.

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