Stupid people2006-08-10 00:31:45 ET

Got a text from my mate this morning telling me that she can't start work (she works airside at Heathrow) because of a security scare.

They're stopping people taking hand luggage on the planes and loads of flights have been cancelled.

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Now I'm logged onto a photography forum where there's a load of idiots going on and on about how they don't want to leave their precious cameras in the hold. And saying stuff like "Yet another blow to the right of freedom". Dear god!!

The world is totally going to grind to a halt if some self-centred idiots cannot take their cameras on a plane as hand luggage! And, of course, them taking their cameras is far more important than preventing bombers! Silly silly security people, how can they get their priorities so wrong?

Protector of defenceless men2006-08-04 10:55:02 ET

Oh dear.. I always seem to get stuck in the same situation. I have a few female friends (I pray they never find this site) who tend to latch onto blokes who really really aren't interested. And they tend to be really ful on about it.

As the sensible friend I usually make friends with the blokes (who are usually lovely blokes who are trying to let my friends down gently, and far too subtly) and then have to try and help them escape.

I've just driven one bloke home, away from my friend. I feel like some kind of one woman rescue mission.

Worst part, is a fair few times the blokes have been really lovely and the kind of blokes I'd love to get more involved with but I'm only ever seen as the "friend", someone safe to talk to. While the really clingy blokes latch onto me and I have to hunt for my own rescuer..

Boobs2006-08-03 10:01:59 ET

Yes.. apparently I have them. My friends keep arguing with me about my bra size, so I decided to go prove them wrong today and get fitted for a bra properly.

It looks like I am wrong. I am two sizes bigger than I thought. How I could be that far out I have no idea. But now I can't wear any of my pretty bras.. so if anyone wants to donate to TheKitschGoth Pretty Bra Fund... heehee

Boring work stuff..2006-08-02 10:47:25 ET

Weird day at work today. Spent most of the day feeling really jittery and almost claustrophobic. God knows what caused that one, I didn't have any less room than usual and I'm used to people walking through my (very cramped) lab all day, but today it was really bugging me. Wanted to run outside and stand in the middle of the high street.
Everytime someone tried to talk to me I'd run away. Thank god I was too busy to leave my lab and serve on the shop floor - though it didn't stop the customers trying to catch my eye.

Found my escape eventually though, we've been having issues with my lab server. It's been running really really slowly, which is a nightmare at the moment as it's busy season. The PC is excellent, plenty of RAM etc, so it cn't be that. I've been running defrag every morning. We even changed the cables over. Now I'm discouraged from actually doing anything with the PC in case it goes wrong - and the only advice you EVER get from our technical support team is "switch it off and switch it back on again". But I got sick of it today and decided to take the tower apart and clean inside. It's not been opened since the lab was installed about 2 and a half years ago. My managers reaction was "why? what's that going to achieve??".

So I did it anyway. It was an excuse not to go serve customers and meant sitting on the floor where they couldn't see me. It was disgusting, the dust was everywhere, thick dust on everything - and by the time I'd finished - thick dust all over me.

It sped the PC up, not by much, but I'll take all I can get.

Then you hear my boss on the phone saying "yeah, we cleaned the pc out, obviously it's the first thing you do when there's a problem. I knew that already."

We???? Erm.. no..
And no, it wasn't obvious to you sweetie! It was my idea, which you told me was pointless.

Ah well. Should be used to it by now. She tends to take the credit for everything. Our store has just got through to the next round of "Store of the year", so she's been going round saying "yeah I'm through to the next round". No, we - the store - not you!

It actually bugs me more because outside of work she's really lovely.

Spend spend spend2006-08-01 09:41:14 ET

Spent all of yesterday shopping (mainly in Camden) for outfits for my mates 21st next month. It was a very expensive day out.. oops.

So I now own..
..a little white tilt hat with short black veil,
..a really nice tight pencil skirt with corset detail at the back
(3 different ribbons with it - black, pink and red), ...
these in black
..more seamed tights

So I'm going to wear all of that plus..
..fingerless short lace gloves red lipstick
..false eyelashes and smokey eyeshadow
..a white lacy bustier or fitted white shirt

And I'm thinking of buying a parasol (and praying the weather stays nice).

The only thing I'm missing is a date for the party.. that may prove to be a little more difficult.


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