So tired2006-06-22 10:34:18 ET

Works gone mental. I'm now doing 3 times the amount of work I normally do, and the wonderful company has cut down the hours we're allowed while putting our targets up. So less staff, more money? I think not.

I've just had 4 extra digital machines installed, and an extra pc, and lost a third of my lab space to shop stock. And I'm expected to cope with all this shit on my own, with no extra help.

Of course, tomorrow 3 of the main guys from head office are coming round, so we have to be on best behavious. Screw that. 'm not allowed to take my lunch at lunchtime apparently, I have to wait till 2, which is just when my lab gets busy. Gah!

Warning - a lot of my journals will just be me blowing off steam about work. That place winds me up.

On an unrelated note, looks like I'm going to a house party on Saturday. Which means that unfortunately I'm going to have to deal with a particularly annoying bitch (she's best mates with my friend), I've told her before I can't stand her and her response, half an hour later, was "you don't like me much do you?". I've never known anyone so thick, self-centred and irritating in my life, and if she starts telling me about how emo she is once more I swear I will make her hurt..

So.. randomness2006-06-18 10:05:58 ET

Guess I better do the introductory deep and meaningful journal post. Which I will almost certainly get bored of later and delete.

Currently I get paid shite wages to run a high street photo lab, and when my manager gets bored I also get screwed into running the store. (Usually at the same time as running the lab) My younger cousin gets paid more and she works less days and just does filing. I'm being taken the piss out of in a big way. Unfortunately, the only way out of my job right now is to either work on the shop floor in another retail job again, or become a secretary (a proper job according to my dad), neither of which would entice me to crawl out of bed in the mornings.

I'm currently stuck living with my parents, due to current job not paying me enough to afford rent around here. (Gotta love living so near London) I would move, and am very tempted to, but I have a friend here with an eating disorder and more than a few issues, so I don't want to be too far away in case she needs me.

I went to Uni, and quit because I could barely afford the course without getting myself into massive amounts of debt, and it wasn't a guaranteed job at the end of it all.

So.. situation now.
I've got to find a better job. (Ideally involving developing and printing, but failing that I'm looking at computer based jobs)
I've got to move out.

These may go hand in hand.

And more immediately, I need to pass my driving test in a few weeks.

Oh the fun.

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