gotta get home!    2004-09-19 03:27:59 ET
longing to lie on a jungle gym and look at the stars

 yAH TENch HUH    2004-09-18 00:50:03 ET
I get pinned on october first!!! I just found out yesterday! woot woot and my pay back date will be sept 20th!!! woohoo bonus!

 heck yizzah!!!    2004-09-15 21:02:42 ET
So, the points came out for the mos changeover and guess who just got picked up for Sergeant!!??!!?? Thats right, ME
woooooooooooohooooooooooo!!! As of october you will be talking officially to Sergeant Miller!

 dogs of war    2004-09-14 10:25:14 ET
O.k. this must happen. I have to vent before i go mad...

I'm tired of being here. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss the girl, I miss my LIFE. I miss America. We take it for granted. I'm telling you all, its a wonderful place!! Shit loads better than this fucking hole! I'm tired of hearing people bitch about America. Whiny little shits. Don't like America? TRY COMING TO IRAQ, YOU FUCKS! I want to come home. I don't care what happens here anymore. Yes, I do support my Commander in Chief, however, Fuck this country, fuck the oil, and fuck the locals. I'm over it. When i get back to the U.S. I am going to KISS THE GROUND!!!!

 disgruntled    2004-09-14 09:40:12 ET
i feel like breaking some bones. or blowing something up

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