YES!!!! MOVE OUT!!!!    2004-09-26 02:58:20 ET
i'm going home on october 1st!!! I'M SO EXCITED I COULD BURST!!! I get promoted also! its a good day. !!! i might not be on quite as often but i will talk to all of you soon!

 make the call    2004-09-24 22:39:50 ET
I really need to get to a phone .
I'm sure Sandy is pissed by now :(

 run ragged    2004-09-24 22:39:01 ET
its hispanic heriatage month so the salsa band is performing a lot! Actually we are being worked like Hebrew slaves! I can't wait until this is over. i'm so tired.

 climax    2004-09-20 00:20:38 ET
talked to my baby last night. all is well now :)

 news from the front    2004-09-19 10:13:33 ET
i have heard about all the drama i can stand from my unit today. i mean come on people can't we leave the highschool crap in highschool? I'm a professional now
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