2004-10-31 21:22:56 ET
where has my friend Miranda gone?

 to all those with 2 cents    2004-10-31 21:22:08 ET
everyone seems to be a 'know it all' about what is going on in Iraq. well, i've got news for all of you types. I'M the one at war. I'M the one in Iraq. so the next time anyone feels the need to tell ME about Iraq. save your bullshit. I'M THE ONE IN THE WAR!!! AND ITS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS THAT YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT IT!!

     2004-10-30 07:10:55 ET
so i have a wonderful idea for how to solve the problem of the middle east. we line up in a squad line. start in the east side of baghdad and march thru to the west and kill everything that moves. did i mention how much i love the fucking country?!

 more stress????    2004-10-30 07:04:21 ET

     2004-10-28 23:35:29 ET
what is everyone going to be for Halloween? I'm stuck being G.I. Joe yet AGAIN!!

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