2004-11-04 23:51:57 ET
you don't even see me...

 scrub    2004-11-04 23:48:44 ET
its time for a new layout

     2004-11-03 23:48:56 ET
1 comment

 DECEASED    2004-11-03 23:48:17 ET
-SGT MILLER was killed in action today when an ARROW tore through his body armor piercing his left lung and severing 2 major arteries. SGT MILLER was rushed to the central Army Surgical Hospital, but was unable to be saved and was overcome by his wounds. The Cherebim known only as 'Cupid' has been detained and is currently being questioned heavily.

 i write this like anyone gives a fuck    2004-11-01 06:33:46 ET
yesterday i was on the reactionary force. Its essentially a small unit that responds if the camp gets attacked.
I worked out today, yet again.
someone actually sent me mail which was nice. its good to know ALL of your friends haven't forgotten you just because you're in a GODDAMN WAR!!!

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