fallen heros    2004-11-15 19:31:36 ET
packed my bags yesterday.

getting the hell out of this God-forsaken country soon!

current music: medal of honor *hangs head and sobs*

     2004-11-14 07:49:17 ET
slowly stroke me!!!

 under the weather    2004-11-14 07:02:50 ET
I don't feel too well today.

I think that i'm getting the sore throat/ cold that is working its way around our unit.

bleh...oh well, at least i have cq duty and get to lay around all day tomorrow. :)

     2004-11-13 00:19:24 ET
lima oscar victor echo

i feel pretty dang good.

gig tonight

working out

going home earlier then expected. started packing already!

its a good day!!!
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 INSANE!!!    2004-11-12 23:36:25 ET
There has been fighting on our camp like i've never heard before!!! This morning there were incoming explosions, then RAPID artillary fire (about 3 per second). 2 or 3 240 machine guns lit up something, then the 50 cal's started in. what he hell is going on??
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