hahaha there's a shocker    2004-12-08 23:43:15 ET
Anger. You are angry and not afraid to let the rest
of us feel the wrath of it. It's eating your
insides like fire and will eventually consume
you if you don't curve it.

What's on the inside?
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     2004-12-07 19:24:18 ET
Fort Rucker here I come

     2004-11-30 02:41:41 ET
don't be fooled by these rocks that i got

 emotional    2004-11-29 00:47:37 ET
good lord, i forgot how much this place effects emotions. i had to take a step back and reevaluate today. i didn't even realize how emotional i was being! mood swings like crazy! up down up down, lol i know how a pregnant woman feels, well...emotionally, aside from the whole carrying a 7 pounder along with me...and the appetite from hell. i got my head above water to think clearly for a minute, and i wanted to tell you all, i miss you all very much. and thank you very much for your support, it keeps me sane. i don't know what i'd do if i didn't have contact with you all

     2004-11-27 05:28:56 ET
it won't give up
it wants me dead
godamn this voice inside my head

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