i miss    2004-08-18 04:56:44 ET
the way a woman caresses my cheek
the way she looks into my eyes
the way she squeals when I get off the plane
the way she calls me 'her baby'
the way she holds onto me as if she were going to lose me to the wind

i haven't felt these things in such a long time

 is this the end    2004-08-16 09:08:05 ET
Latin band gig was o.k. not the best concert we've ever played, but we had fun, so its all good.

I miss the states. I wanna come home. Still no word on leave.

We could be in some danger tomorrow.

 and he shall imprison you and condemn you to death to test your mettle    2004-08-14 23:33:48 ET
latin band gig tonight. should be done about 23:00

probably going to be really tired afterward, but it should be a lot of fun.

     2004-08-14 10:13:02 ET
p-u 55/set
crunch 90/set
lats 90/set
curls 40 ea
run 5k

60grams whey protein
1 comment

     2004-08-14 01:35:55 ET
repeat of yesterday...blah

watched movies...open range, Johny English

workout...get sculpted

talk to tha honeys

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