one tyme for yo fuckin mynd    2004-08-21 23:50:10 ET
so , i saw my 'friend' Jess today. who has for unknown reasons avoided any contact with me whatsoever for the past 3 weeks. so, i just didn't pay attention to her, and she got all wigged out like she wondered where i'd been. this is the same woman who has blatently ignored my presence for the better part of a month. stupid bitch

 just great    2004-08-21 08:30:35 ET
so, i guess iraq won another soccer game, because the idiots are outside shooting rounds up into the air! someone should really educate these morons on the laws of gravity. i don't know where the hell they think the rounds go

 bought today    2004-08-19 21:58:28 ET
Canteburry Tales -Chaucer
Inferno -Dante
Purgatorio -Dante
Paradise Lost -Milton

 ?confusion?    2004-08-19 02:27:48 ET
ladies, why do you have to lie to me? what exactly do you get out of it? Did I wrong you in another life or something?

 what the fuck ever    2004-08-19 02:12:52 ET
another day. same ol stupid shit. same stupid fucking people.
this life is a real piece of shit.


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