2004-08-10 09:46:29 ET

i'll sell body parts if anyone can prove to me that there are women who exist that don't fuck with your head!

2004-08-10 09:49:07 ET

..... I don't think I can make a real comment without refering to mentally handicapped people so I'm gonna let it slide....

2004-08-10 10:04:53 ET

well shes dead but, mother teresa.

2004-08-10 10:23:21 ET

There are none. Absolutely, positively, NONE.

2004-08-10 10:28:38 ET

m0xie is certainly correct. I think females are born with that instinct. so they do it without even thinking about it.

but in the unlikely event that i find one, do i get to pick the body parts to be sold?

2004-08-10 10:42:01 ET

Do robotic women count?

2004-08-10 10:47:20 ET

i dont think there are anyu sweety sorry. i mean i dont even realize when i do it, but i dont think its often. bah forget it i think i'm losing my point.

2004-08-10 10:47:42 ET

I'm a girl...and I'd just like to say....guys are the same fuckin way.

2004-08-10 10:49:24 ET

sorry odd but i know some guys that aren't, like one and thats my boyfriend and thats because he is pretty straight forward.

2004-08-10 11:38:06 ET

its because we have hormones.. blame it on estrogen! DOWN WITH ESTROGEN.. i don't know.. its because women think more emotionally than men.. most of the time.

2004-08-10 11:54:16 ET

nope there aren't. :)

2004-08-10 12:09:18 ET

I wish I could help you with that, sweetheart. But they just don't exist. It's our nature to be devious, and that's just the way it goes. We can fight it, try not to do it, not realize we're doing it.. but it's our nature. And I've never met one that doesn't do it. Whether they realize it or not.

2004-08-10 12:09:25 ET

like browneyed said.

2004-08-10 12:12:58 ET

Unless they're Scorpios. Then it doesn't matter what gender they are. Manipulation is in the scorpion blood.

2004-08-10 12:23:32 ET

The only ones that don't are in a coma.

2004-08-11 08:41:47 ET

iron angel--HELL YES it's in their blood!! scorpios frustrate me. [un?]fortunately one of my close friends is one.

2004-08-11 09:58:47 ET

LOL.. 'frustrate' is an EXCELLENT word for it. One of my best friends is one as well... we're a great combo, let me tell ya.. a Gemini girl and a Scorpio guy..
lol... makes for a great time. Luckily he's gay so I don't have to concern myself with that aspect... but we're a great 'team of evil' as he likes to call it ;)

2004-08-11 19:28:42 ET

there are I dont play games I am very straight and I wouldnt want it done to me so I won't do it to guys. And christine not all guys are tat way Brian isnt.

tabby maybe only brians make good boyfriends

2004-08-12 05:38:06 ET

<-- proof...ME! not really, i mess with guys, by accident.

2004-08-12 07:43:41 ET

See, now that's what I said. We don't always do it on purpose. Most times, we don't even realize it.

2004-08-12 08:23:14 ET

yeah, i agree fully. i used to think i didn't, but recently i've been looking back and yeah. . . i do.

2004-08-12 09:05:55 ET

i did it before but never on purpose... i think you just get too worried about junk and freak out and do somethin stupid that screws guys over.. thats what i used to do. im all better now! :-D

2004-08-12 09:06:36 ET

I <3 u Pete!! ::hugs::

2004-08-12 09:33:56 ET

*whew* lots of responses. nice :)
I know that all of you don't. I was just venting. Women are still the most beautiful creation I've ever layed eyes on and the best thing since sliced bread. even though they do drive me nutz ocasionally ;) much love

2004-08-12 09:34:50 ET

*smoooch* You're the best, Pete!

2004-08-12 09:43:54 ET


2004-08-12 10:54:52 ET

not all boys are and I dont think all girls are either

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