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2022-08-06 16:53:51 ET

as i predicted, 2 years after 2020, san francisco is now seeing a mass influx of people again. those who left for flyover country during the shamdemic have hit the "find out" phase of their "fuck around and find out" plan of moving to literally anywhere else in america for Freedom®, as they've found out how economically impossible 99.9% of "literally anywhere else in america" is and how fake the advertised Freedom® is as well.

having now inevitably lost their remote jobs, and their decent SF wages along with them, people are now stuck in areas that only pay crap, only have crap jobs and not many of them, only have crap public school systems for their kids (leaving the only decent option to spend thousands on private school) and of course there's only crap-if-any-at-all public transit infrastructure in most of flyover country as well, so they've now been forced to pay out the ass to own a car and drive everywhere - a circumstance made extra special thanks to biden's Freedom® brand HyperInflation™ and flyover country's absolute lack of any reasonable financial protections or social safety nets plus already inflated cost of shipping goods to.

essentially stranded, people are, of course, now clamoring to come back, or just come here in the first place, since they're out of options otherwise.

i guess, at the very least, some people who've spent their entire lives in northern california, relatively isolated from and failing to understand how much of a complete and total failed state the US has more broadly become, have now had their rude awakening.

as for the broader US, at this point i honestly have zero clue what it's going to take to turn things around. but hey mississippi has now somehow managed to implement scandinavia's socialized housing program and eradicate homelessness in the state. so maybe there's hope.


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