2010-02-15 19:15:25 ET

srsly i don't deserve this boy. :3

65 days =]
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food for thought2010-02-15 06:52:05 ET

Vday2010-02-15 06:42:45 ET

was spent with my newly single friend Scott watching Zombieland, eating Chipotle, and then seeing local bands at the bar.

What did I learn? Beer and cell phones don't mix.

I took out all my emotional bullshit from the whole weekend on the boy via text message. WTF is wrong with me? Ugh...i'm ashamed of my idiocy.

Seriously if he never spoke to me again, I'd totally understand. I don't wanna speak to me again...

Competition...2010-02-13 17:45:24 ET

...was a total bust. Tell me how dancers who got first place in their event last year (us) are magically last and a team who hasn't even placed in YEARS gets second?

Oh that's right...the show off, favorite, trick ponies showed up and swept the categories. ugh. These girls are good, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel like people who dance JUST so they can say "look what we did" deserve titles handed to them. What happened to dancing for entertainment and to tell a story? To me, telling a story is something more memorable than 15 girls doing perfect turns.

I had my own personal accomplishments. The doctor told me last spring after knee surgery I wouldn't be able to compete in February. I did today. My mom told me when I was little to always believe and I could do anything I wanted. I did that today. I competed today with the best of the best, and quite honestly we were ready. Everyone knew we were ready and we nailed it. But politics of competition prevails. I shared my only competition with my team members the same season we celebrated the life of our beautiful team mate Cheri who passed away last summer. I shared in her memory and that is in itself, an honor.

I danced with my heart today. I couldn't have been happier to be on that floor and hearing the crowd cheer for me and my team mates.

BC, right here, one shot, LOVE YOU!

PS-So today my captain texted us all a nice message. I said "thanks. i've been trying to figure out what we did wrong" she said "Heather. We got fucked. End of story" lol...love her...
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2010-02-12 08:27:13 ET

Exes should have their fucking thumbs chopped off after breaking up so they can't fucking text anymore. How DARE you text me and call me a slut after YOU left ME for another fucking girl! Then tell me I'm uneducated cause I was so mad all I could muster was "fuck. you.". Yeah, ok, not the most dignified response but ya know what? How bout if you're going to bash MY college education, actually have one to back up your argument.

How do you go from "i love you so much I wish we could be together again" to "fuck you you're a slut. that must be fulfilling."

Seriously? Seriously?!

OMG I can't wait for Barry to get here and to actually be with a decent man. You want a reason we're not together anymore? This is it. I'm done.
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