2010-02-03 08:50:26 ET

i fail at nerd. i got my iphone...changed the settings, then hooked it up to my comp to put my pics on it....somehow restoring factory settings and erasing my jailbreak....


2010-02-02 20:48:32 ET

Get the iphone tomorrow! Woot!

Its ok that he makes me so happy/excited that I can't sleep right?

Now officially 80 days =]

2010-02-01 14:41:39 ET

i'm so sick of college some days. I want to be a grown up again and not have my evenings filled with stupid projects I don't care about. Ugh...headache...

iPhone should be here in a day or two. So that's good... =]

Can't wait til April. It's ok that I know there's 82 days til I see him right? ><

ce weekend..2010-01-31 05:49:31 ET

...a été bon weekend. J'ai d'acheté un iPhone et une poche rose pour aller avec.

in other words...

i bought and iPhone and a pink case to go with it =]


"There are days I wish I could see you more than 3 days in April." -me
"yeah, that's everyday for me" -him

"What happens happens...but i think the fact that we don't live in the same time zone will get in the way of how awesome we think each other is" -me
"i don't think the time zone will effect how awesome i think you are."-him


Now to watch "Whip It" and waste my sunday on the internets...and drawing tattoos =]

BLAh!2010-01-30 07:26:22 ET

ok i know i post gooey crap alot lately but srsly this guy....omg....this guy =]

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