what just happened...2010-01-29 14:04:38 ET

"Thx for making me smile several times a day =]"
"Anytime babe! ;)"
"Fyi if you ever wanna see the girly smile...say that to me in person lol"
"I plan on it =]"
"Just to get a reaction?"
"no i planned on it before i knew i'd get a reaction ;)"

srsly...GET TO KS NAO!!! I want your tattooed, bass playing, cute accented self right here...and maybe a little naked lol....

I like..2010-01-28 18:53:09 ET

That you answer my stupid girly txts with the right answers. =]

and that you said i wasn't bothering you when I txted you during band practice cause you always like getting txts from me no matter what. =]

and even if you didn't mean to or remember...you called me "babe".

Ugh. i like you too much for only knowing you for a month.

can't wait til April =]
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ink..2010-01-25 11:48:41 ET

so i might get something small to quell my ink fix until i have enough money to get my birds.

was thinking Japanese kanji for "Truth, beauty, freedom" and then a heart for "love"

it's from moulin rouge but it's always something i've admired. and i've been in love with japanese culture since i discovered it in high school..


Dear Jake...2010-01-24 10:56:30 ET


This is how I feel about you...and how I know you feel about me.

I will love you forever. I always have. But I can't watch you do this to yourself anymore. You know i'm the answer. You know. And that is the part that keeps you up at night.

I still have your necklace. I'll keep it forever.

GAh!2010-01-23 21:30:52 ET

He called me sweetheart! =]

gah!....i'm all twittery....

will swallowing moth balls get rid of the butterflies? Hmm....

Srsly...get to KS...get here. Come to Cali with me. It's fun. We'll snowboard.

best French sentence:

J'adore beaucoup faire du surf des neiges!

(I love snowboarding very much!)

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