Tomorrow...2010-01-13 17:18:57 ET my birthday!! =]

in this last year i have...
-gotten 2 piercings
-gotten 2 tattoos
-snowboarded in Tahoe (hellla)
-had a one night stand
-learned what real love is
-broken up with someone
-seen that someone come back and apologize
-didn't take him back cause i loved myself more
-decided what i want to be when i grow up
-went back to school
-made dance cuts for competition!
-gotten lots of closure
-decided its stupid to hate people forever, even if they still hate you
-made plans to move on with my life...and possibly forever
-found out how much i love you ;hearts&
-learned that real love sometimes involves walking away if it means something better will come out of it later

2010-01-12 18:08:04 ET

got my tongue pierced today!

French class should be fun tomorrow lol =]

night sk!

2010-01-10 11:27:00 ET

I Miss our world. It's the only world of two I've ever been comfortable and perfect in.

It is or it isn't. I hope it is.

I miss you, you lovely lovely soul... ♥
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far from here...2010-01-07 11:22:57 ET

Far from here we are happy. Far from here we are alright. Far from here things are peaceful. Far from here we have insight. Far from here we are grateful. Far from here we are laughing. Far from here we're forgiven.

And I hope to see you there.. ♥

2010-01-06 13:35:46 ET

Is it weird that this place feels like home and I've never lived here a day in my life? I hope my orders go through and I actually do get to live here. I feel like this is my next move. Can't wait to get my cali tattoo =]

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