2009-12-29 08:43:16 ET

i've never cheated. i've never stolen. i've never killed. so why does karma keep fucking me up the ass? why can't i just have an easy time with no bills and everything just FOR FUCKING ONCE working out the way i WANT it to?

I didn't do anything wrong. But the damn universe seems to insist I did. great. whatever...can't change any of it...

2009-12-27 20:31:10 ET

Gah i hate fighting with you. Can we plz go back to the days when we couldn't get enough of each other in or out of bed? kthx...

2009-12-26 07:38:44 ET

I get it now. I get why you'd want someone who hurt you in your life in some measure. I don't wanna be with him...he hurt me...said and did things he could never take back. But...I miss my friend. So...I'm going to try this...and see what happens....being friends.

But just so you know...I get you. I always have. And I do a little bit more now.

survey?2009-12-24 18:40:23 ET

Is it creepy to show up at a guy friend's door, who you had a thing with a while ago, after he hasn't been answering your texts all evening but you don't want him to spend Christmas alone?


in 2009...2009-12-22 21:17:11 ET

(i saw this on someone else's page and it inspired me...)

-I learned that closure is the best thing ever...especially when you get it from all 3 of those who hurt you
-saw Rob Zombie and Nekromantix
-Got a new tat and a lip ring
-Had the best month of my life
-Earned 2 prestigious military medals
-Went back to college and changed my major to art (my dad is so proud...)
-learned to draw/take better photos
-came back from knee surgery and made cuts for dance team competition
-Put an amazing woman and someone i wish i had known better to rest (♥ you Cheri)
-mended very old...and very fresh wounds
-got to know what i feels like to really love someone enough to love them through anything
-learned that hardest thing to do sometimes is to rely on yourself
-had tequila for the first time
-learned that every boy should have his tongue pierced....just sayin...

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