..pain...    2005-12-19 19:22:18 ET
I am not allowed to see
talk to

contact in any way

with the man I love more than life.

I miss you scott...
we will be in each others arms again.
Dont forget about my soul.


 WOW    2005-12-10 06:12:22 ET

I havnt updated in a long ass time. Well I have a boyfriend. I love him alot....thing is we are like ying-yang. He the White and Im the black. Style that is. lol. I am spending alll day with him today. He loves me and I love him more than he knows.

Btw, new pictures in both galleries. Go Look.

I am ready for christmas to be over. I am only getting 3 things I want. One I am not getting that i wanted more than any of them. Thats my tounge pierced. I am getting a dagger, i pod, and eyebrow rings. Grandmas getting the eyebrow rings, and the i pod, and my baby is getting the dagger for me. yay! Well thats all for the update. More pictures later..I am taking some today.

Love you all and leave comments!!!

 Please oh Please.    2005-11-05 21:56:53 ET
I need a boyfriend. Life sucks. I am tired of the single life.

Sorry for lack of updates.

MySpace is my addiction.

I can wing off it.


 vampqueenNik </3 2005-10-03 22:04:19 ET    2005-10-04 18:33:33 ET
vampqueenNik </3 2005-10-03 22:04:19 ET <BR>

update <3

there ya go.

love you nikki.<3

BTW!!! New Pictures in BOTH Galleries.
Go see little children and leave your tears.
1 comment

 WOOT WOOT I THINK I'M IN LOVE!!!    2005-09-26 17:34:44 ET

I got a boyfriend. His name is Jackson. Hes 20. Hes in college. going to be a Doctor, Psycology, and culuturial studies or something like that,....i dont really care. i just know hes hott and i think i love him.

*muah to my jackson*

*muah to my nikki*

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