I Need More Friends...    2005-07-06 18:28:18 ET
I need more friends like me. Gosh. I want someone I can just talk to and feel conftorable around. ok enough i am blabbing. hello. my day has been....bleh. I hate McDonalds. And yes nikki...cuss them out. But If you want to talk to me and find out more about me! just IM me.:::


psshaw! bye

 Hate The "JOB?"    2005-07-05 17:39:20 ET
Hello again. Wow thanks on all the comments. I am really bored but on to other things. GAHHH!!?!?!?!?! I am so fursurated with my job. I hate it Despise it!!! MC DONALDS SUCKS!!! (when you work there?) So my mom had this manager from dennys. tell her they need help and my mom used to work there so. Today i went and talked to the manager and filled out a application. so yea hope they call....

Well i had very bi-polar 4th. Things got very exciting the OH SHIT...then back exciting...then again HOLY FUCK! so yea. woo? well thats all bye!

IM? AIM- xbrokenhatredx
Yahoo? only_if_y0ur_lov3_kill5

IM me....sure...hehe BYE!

 Bored    2005-07-03 13:05:41 ET
Well i am bored so i desicded to update this thing. Well I worked today. how fun. Well other news. Look at my xanga::: www.xanga.com/exceptionaldesire071 Well bye!

 Hi!    2005-06-29 18:13:10 ET
Well this is my first SK entry. I also have a xanga. Well I guess I will share a bit of my bio with you. I am 16, light brown hair, i have 2 piercings: eyebrow, and ear. I love different genres of music; rock, techno, celtic, metal, ect. Um...some of my fav bands are Evanescence, MM, NIN, ect. well thats all for now. BYE!

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