Its all downhill from here.    2005-09-18 12:48:43 ET
Hey. I added new picturs. Deleted a gallery. Added a Gallery new pictures in both. Few old ones. go see and leave your heart for me to read. *muah*

Nikki is my love.
you know it.


 Almost a DJ    2005-09-14 19:11:12 ET
I am almost ready to go on.

maybe I will be on next week.

goto and goto the forums for and look for NEW DJ IN TOWN and read up on me.

its allll me.

and you all better listen to my show.


 OMG!!!    2005-09-11 10:55:47 ET
So much has happened and I have left you all un informed. I have decided I am gay...not bi. I went to MetalFest rocked. I added new pictures to my gallery. I added my MySpace Link and my Website link in the bio thing up there. I am really liking this one guy named Jasper. He is so awsome. I am going to be a DJ on here. I got in a wreck and messed my hip up but its all better...I still hate my job. and I have became a Cam Thats all for now.. I will try and update here more. bye!

 single    2005-08-27 20:06:58 ET
Im now single...

Zachs a ass...k?

 Care? None    2005-08-04 20:10:47 ET
Does anyone really care about anybody? I dont feel like they do. There is only 3 true friends that i can go see, talk to on the phone, be with by my side that i belive would truly care if i ran away, killed myself, died, or w.e else may happen....i thank you Lindsay, Zach and Christine. There is only -one- friend online i belive feels that way and I thank you Nikki, everyone else who says they care do you really if so thank you...if not...fxck you...point blank...theres your update...

Love? or Not?x


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