2004-10-20 17:20:41 ET

oh how i hate you. i hate you so much. i wish you would just go away.. you are a parasite. a worm that feeds off of others. grow up. i hate you.

ex-lovers are gey.

2004-10-11 17:08:39 ET

curse you heart for letting me feel.. curse you heart for making me love.. curse you heart for not being strong enough... curse you legs for walking.. curse you for not running.. curse you body for breaking down.. curse you mind for not stopping it.. curse you for being human..

curse you because you know this isn't right

2004-10-05 18:07:46 ET

it feels good to let you know that i miss you. and that i love you. then i find out you've joined the army. and you'll be leaving in less than six months. what am i to do? i won't make you stay because that doesn't make any sense. oh the trouble i am in.

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