2004-09-17 17:38:50 ET

so here i am.. just sitting.. extremely tired and hopeless.

i am sick. well i have a bad cough and it sucks. i am feeling kind of melancholy. don't know why.. too much sugar perhaps.. or the fact that my feet hurt, and that i am going to a party tomorrow that i don't want to go to.. i don't know

eric and i are so awesome. i absolutely adore him. *sigh*

d` i need you baby, and if its quite alright i need you baby, to warm the lonely nights d`

someone once told me that its amazing that a person can absolutely love another person.. and even more amazing that they can hate another because they are each so full and powerful..

i am in love with death and destruction right now.

2004-09-15 12:49:41 ET

How do you express this quote visually:

As long as we are made of flesh terror will reign over us"

2004-09-15 10:43:56 ET

so today after my spare i was leaving to go get the bus with eric, and this guy in front of us dropped his wallet, then eric picked it up and gave it back to the owner... the guy looked at eric and said "theif"

what the heck..

school is great. life is awesome, i am so happy. how about you?

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