2004-08-29 07:55:23 ET

okay. so he called me a bitch. if he thinks i am a bitch should i act like one?

see for his birthday i bought him a floor seat ticket to metallica. but now that we broke up on bad terms. should i make him pay for the ticket? (i have the tickets. 2 of his friends who paid for their tickets are going, my best friend me and then i'd have one ticket) he knows i bought it for him. but i haven't given it to him.. any suggestions

2004-08-27 18:29:01 ET

so its officially over.

i have washed my mouth of you. and i couldn't feel better. like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders..

my brother calls me a pimp.

2004-08-26 04:44:29 ET


everyone say hello to my little sister.. the model.

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