school tomorrow
2004-09-06 13:58:15 ET

so i am a nerd and i love school.. and its important to me that tomorrow is the big day back.. and i don't know what to wear... wts... but anyway when i decide what to wear i will take a picture and post it on here.. and then you shall see.. how beautiful i really am lol

omg dieting is so hard.. i get exercise.. but the whole eating healthy thing.. wts. i am doing better. but its hard.


2004-09-04 18:17:30 ET

so my ten year old sister has decided to hit puberty now.. and what a wonderful time... she accuses me of not wanting anything to do with her (because i didn't constantly respond to her messages on AOL) and she said that she never wants to talk to me.. she even learned how to block me... she lives in texas.. i live in toronto.. there isn' tmuch i can do.. maybe tomorrow she will decide that she doesn't want to grow up..

2004-08-30 18:25:01 ET

my poor sister and nephew have thrush....

i am going to metallica with a friend from work..

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