2004-10-03 17:45:43 ET

d` and it breaks my heart to know,
the only reason you are here now is, a reminder of what i'll never have, i'll never, i'll never,
standing so close knowing that it kills me to breathe you in,
standing so close knowing that it kills me to breahte you in,
but this table for one has become bearable,
i now take comfort in this, and with this i cherish you,
did you ever look, did you ever see that one person?
and the subtle way that they do these things and it hurts so much. so much like choking down the ambers of a great blaze.
its that moment when your eyes seem to spread aspersion and scream confessions at the insipid sky parting clouds youlef this one person come down come down. i cherish you. d`

2004-09-30 16:50:40 ET

so its almost been a month with the new boi.. and i think i want to end it.. i have the biggest fear of commitment but its already starting to kick in.. any words of advice and confidence?

rachel: slightly less than emo
2004-09-24 17:00:09 ET

hey whats going on? how are ya?
i am doing really well..
well i worked with mike tonight.. when i hear about the things that other people have gone through i their life, it makes my less than wonderful life seem like a fairytale..

ive got this sinus infection/cold thing going on.. have to sleep nude cause i have a fever.. and my nose is runny.. and i am losing my voice

eric rawks my sawks.. my friends left me because they smoke.. and i don't.. so they don't really hang around me anymore. what the deal?

im really feeling the emo scene right now.. and pop punk.. oh what a cliche i have become...

nuff said.

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