2004-08-20 03:40:54 ET

off to work again

songs that get me through:

Lustra- "scotty doesn't know" (from eurotrip)
Lara fabian - "i will love again"
Daniel Bettingfield - "gotta get through this"
Modest Mouse- "float on"

the thing i hate is that he won't tell me whats going on. "i just need time to forgive you for calling me a liar" good god. he chose drugs over me and i forgave him. aklngsdnglsdlg

i think being single is a good idea. unless there are any prince charmigns willing to take me on? lol

work shall be interesting.

2004-08-19 13:43:40 ET


if you take it then my brother will stop beating me. please TAKE THE TURTLE. i have bruises all over. god it hurts....

i am too beautiful for him to hurt me.

</edit> come on look how gorgeous we are.
Julia.. um in my glasses

Megan (Julia's Sister)
Um me in my glasses

I have a thing about puffing up my cheeks.
My brother took that pic as i turned around in the chair.


2004-08-18 18:29:55 ET

i am such a cow.

why is it so hard to just accept that i am a complete cow and move on? there has got to be someone out there that wants to be with me. even if not, then i'd have enough time to do whatever it is that i wanted to do.. right?

such a cow.

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