i'd rather die than cry over you.
2004-08-17 05:58:24 ET

i went away for four days.. and he said that within those four days he changed.. he grew up and realized that he's been a complete asshole..so like the freak i am i believed him.. he calls me up and says lets hang out all day tomorrow just you and me... around 3 his friend calls and asks him to go out later on.. so he turns to me and says "what time are you leaving?" ... no body changes in four days. then i got burned with his cigarette.

then he has the nerve to message me and say that i don't know what i am talking about, that i am a hypocrite, that i don't believe him, and then he said that i don't love him.. and he's right. i don't. i refuse to spend my days with someone who is going no where.. who makes me feel absolutely horrible.

i talked to will last night.. my brother is obsessed with him. good lord. but he's cute.. *sigh* lol.

the late, but promised pics!
2004-08-15 08:15:09 ET

Graham blows you a kiss!
flying ducky!
too kewl to look right at you

I look like i am on crack...


2004-08-15 05:03:28 ET

the other day before i left.. i actually took pictures to put up here and i loved them.. and last night i thought i loaded them onto my computer.. but i didn't.. and then i deleted them off my camera thinking they were on my computer.. and they weren't.. so i will just have to take some more again today.. man those were really good pictures.

i met ken from the badn thornley.. i got to hang out in the tour bus and watch the soundcheck.. then i babysat his kids.. god he is a sweet man.

then i went to santa's village and went go karting.. i love go karting..

the muskoka area is absolutely gorgeous and so is the canadian shield.. all those rocks omg.. i felt out of place though.. i was the only one there that was my age.. kinda odd. outta place.. dieting isn't going over too well. i need a shower. and to get dressed.


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