yay its me
2003-09-04 11:44:03 ET

its about bloody time that i add something to here eh? well grade eleven is kewl.. and my friends think you guys are hawt.. but you're mine! yeah biology rules! yeah and i am soo hawt... i realized that it's gonna take my hair 2 years to grow! boo urns! lol I HATE THAT WORD.. i don't understand why i say it.. grr. i found muyself as crazy and weird as that sounds. so yeah!

see ya later!

2003-08-21 20:14:39 ET

ever feel like you're awake and dreaming? like your body is numb and your eyes are still wondering? my heart is so full with love and joy. good night

2003-08-14 06:30:59 ET

grr. i've been asked to take another job!! what should i do? okay if i take this job i will have my weekends taken away and then i';ll have to work at my other job during the week. and what about school. and graham. the only time i'll really be able to see graham is the weekends. help?

ps. lunch was sooo good

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