2003-08-09 20:55:46 ET

well we moved now. life is great. GRAHAM bought me a white gold necklace and it has diamonds in it for our one year anniversary (a month ago) and he took me out to dinner yesterday! it was soooo good. i love him so much
and you rawk

2003-07-28 05:11:08 ET

that aggrevates me. i wnat ot grow my hair long, so i cut it short.. i should see what extensions look like.

blah bleh bleck!
2003-07-24 09:53:13 ET

so GUESS WHAT?!??!!/

my little sister (in texas) auditioned for a cocacola commercial! but they don't know if she got the part yet! but hopefully she does! yay! it would be funny if i saw her on tv, because i haven't seen her in a year! i miss her so darn much! but yeah SO BORED

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