2003-07-22 06:46:19 ET

i'm playing video games now.. and i am so hott i want to take off all of my clothes . i think i have a fever


p.s the new linkin park song rules!

AACK... look at me!
2003-07-19 04:22:37 ET

it's so bad now. i mean that i really crave attention more and more lately.

i had a horrible dream last night. i dreamt that i was driving home with my brother andmy dad and i saw my little sister (who is 8 and last august her mom moved her to texas and i haven't seen her since) and i ran up to her and i hugged her and she didn't know who i was. she didn't want to see me or talk to me. i don't want to be replaced and she said that her last name was clarke and it's not it's mackie. tayler daisy mackie. it was a nightmare. i miss her.

2003-07-16 05:56:26 ET

i'm gonna start a zine.. anyone wanna help?

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