2003-07-10 08:30:44 ET

we need a safer world....

*/News Flash!!\*
2003-07-08 18:15:10 ET

well i think i've got pink eyes.. and if not then why on earth are they so freaking itchy!!!??? i was at my sister's house and it was load o' fun! went camping.. fufilled fantasies! but anyways life is back to normal whatever that is..

so today graham and i went to the scarborough town centre and went shopping.. recently i've been on hyper-corporate shopping spree mode.. and it's not kewl and as i went down the escalator holding my oh-so -nutricious lunch "Taco Bell" with curly fries.. there was a man coming up the escalator and his shirt said... "Get Real...."... whoa....

have a great night ya'll!

ps. Graham said that he would talk to me on MSN... but... he's not here.. he promised!


2003-06-21 06:51:45 ET

i wish you could all see my haircut.. it's uber kewl. well long time no write huh? what am i going to do today. graham left for the weekend. and i need to go shopping. so i called ashley now i am waiting for her to get home and if she comes home and says that she doesn't wanna go shopping then i could've left already. oh well. rest is good i have until quarter after 5 to do something today.. anyone wanna do something with me?
last night at work daniel proposed to me... he's about 14 and i am 15 and dating graham .... he didn't show a ring so i said no. i felt embarassed but it was fun

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