school time blues
2003-04-23 05:59:07 ET

so bored, in my programming class. i've done all of it. i've been done the project for like a week now. so there is absolutely nothing to do..

yay! we can save SK! (that sounds neat-o)

i found hte most ultimate prom dress in the entire world, and i am going to go and buy it as soon as i get paid. if i can i'll find a picture of it.. its soo hawt! and so am i.. and so are YOU!

so bored. i need a hair cut. today is a much better day than yesterday.. and my shoulder hurts. I LOVE YOU!

G'day mate!

2003-04-17 11:32:12 ET


anyone know where i can get coloured leopard print?

so here it ends...
2003-04-17 11:24:05 ET

well we have a set amount of days before we all have to leave. it has an incredible experience and it greatly saddens me to see that it is now coming to an end. although I am sure that it is very expensive it is horrible. I wish i had sent in some money. now i feel selfish for not helping the website out. i will truly miss this place. perhaps we should start our own subkultures thing. but what would we call it?

well in other news. i've decided to get a haircut. i've got an 83% in my prgramming class, which is good because i find it incredibly dull at times. my earphones broke so now i must listen to the babbling about the teachers. my boyfriend, Graham (aka Wiggles13), and i are doing so much better than we have in the past few weeks, i absolutely adore him.

i've recently discovered a new hair cutting place downtown (Toronto) called "Coupe Bizarre" Robin Black (from Robin Black and the intergallactic rockstars) works there. and i am dying to get this new'do i should take a picture. i am currently working on my jean skirt and a new t-shirt. that i adore. and i've started to eat healthier and try to get into better shape. good bye spare tire hello LARS! lol. i <3 you! lol. i will probably update later on tonight.. love you all

your BrownEyedGirl

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