*forget the memories of yourself*
2002-10-26 05:28:30 ET

how is it possible to forget what you cannot have, but once did? how can you possible push away the beginning to a glorious feeling, because of numbers? how do we live each day knowing we lied about something that we want to keep safe from the world? why can't i forget you?

saw the ring last night..... if you haven't seen it, i suggest you do, unless you have a heart condition.


2002-10-20 06:55:09 ET


*drools* soooo gooodd

2002-10-12 04:18:55 ET

At times it as if i am in a box. just waiting to happen. waiting to get free and be myself. It feels as if this whole world is waiting to happen. that something is bubbling beneath the surface. and the only way we can know what it is. is if we wait and see.. but patience can be scarce.

the doc put me on medication.. i don't like it. not one bit. there are some really awesome people here...

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